Indonesian batik shop

Indonesian batik shop is Indonesian batik shop which providing wholesale batik from famous cities that producing genuine batik made by hand such as Pekalongan, Cirebon, Solo and Yogyakarta. Handmade Batik in our website is designed and painted by experienced local artisans using traditional drawing tool called “canting”. We guarantee that they will have high quality, genuine, large variety of colors and motifs which produced from handmade Indonesian batik fabrics. has a mission to introduce Indonesian batik to all around the world

Batik – an Indonesian word – is a drawing art above to make a cloth that technically resist use wax material. Batik’s motif could be flowers, flowers, twinning plants, leaves buds, flowers, birds, butterflies, fish, insects and geometric forms. Indonesian batik is designated as Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO since October 2, 2009.

We carry large of  wholesale batik from variety of motifs and colors combining an ancient and contemporary one. Our product is genuine made by hand therefore its price are higher than machine printed batik fabrics. Our product is always updated with brand new batik……one stops online shopping where you can purchase exotic and genuine Indonesian Batik….the place to order HANDMADE BATIK FABRICS


If you want to purchase wholesale batik from us, please contact us at sales[at] or call +62 21 92771293